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Why Use a Wireless Mouse or Gaming Chair

Posted by on Jan 17, 2017 in Video Games | Comments Off on Why Use a Wireless Mouse or Gaming Chair

Do you enjoy playing games whether on a PC or gaming consoles like the PS3? Have you kept up to date with the latest gadgets, tools, and equipment that is going to be available or are already on the market?

If so, you would not want to miss out having such items such as the virtual reality headset, latest joysticks and wireless controllers. These are all important, however, in this article we are going to take a look at the gaming mouse and gaming chair.


About the Wireless Gaming Mouse

In some reviews of the wireless gaming mouse it was said to be very prone to lag, unresponsive and most of the time slow compared to ones that were wired. However since they were first released the gaming mouse and the systems you use them on have improved greatly and any compatibility problems have now been resolved as is often the case with most innovative devices. Indeed the latest ones now have a really fast response time and are ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use.

There are even versions available with swappable thumb buttons for right or left handed players which are great if you share with someone else. Some also have features such as controllable sensitivity and programmable buttons. I can get over thirty hours of game time from my favorite Logitech G900 between recharging of the battery.

There use is not solely restricted to gaming so you can also use it in conjunction with your P.C. or laptop for your day to day tasks. So as you can see the benefits go way beyond being free of the wire or being able to take it to a friend’s house for a gaming session.


The Need for a Gaming Chair

When gaming chairs were first introduced many people felt it was just a gimmick or another way of making money out of gamers. But if you think about the hours you spend gaming it does start to make sense. For the sake of your health good posture and ergonomics are important.

This is why many companies spend a great deal of money on chairs for their staff if they are desk bound for long periods. It may even improve your game play in a seat where you can swivel, tilt; adjust the height, arm rests and neck support.

Gaming chairs also come in a vast array of colors and materials so they make quite a design statement in your room, many now resemble hi tech racing car seats and you can even get chairs now that have speakers built into the headrest and cup holders.  

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How to make the most out of a Mobile Game

Posted by on Dec 16, 2016 in Video Games | Comments Off on How to make the most out of a Mobile Game

Social media has made many things a lot easier for businesses. Marketing is much cheaper and more convenient with the use of social media and at the same time it allows business owners a wider reach.

Selling is also affected and made much easier by allowing businesses to accept orders and close deals on various social media platforms.

For the consumers, it is a place where you can discuss your experiences of various products and services in an effort to educate other consumers and guide them in making informed buying decisions.

The online and mobile gaming markets have benefited from the many positive effects brought by social media. Once in a while you will see recommended apps on a new game, a download link or an ad encouraging you to play and install the software being sold. Aside from this social media also became an avenue for people to create trending topics on new mobile games that are entertaining. This is how games such as Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Flappy Bird and Agario became instant hits.

Making the most out of a mobile game is not easy especially if you are not naturally inclined to this type of entertainment. Why would anyone want to make the most out of a mobile game if they are not interested in them? The most common answer to this question is related to external peer and social pressure. When people are into something many others will want to join the bandwagon and be current and relatable as well. Here are some tips on how this can be achieved.

Go through the Tutorial

Most games whether the concept is simple or complex would come with a tutorial when you first use it. This is to ensure that first time users get the information that they need in order for them to play the game effectively.  Most people make the mistake of skipping this and later on resulting to Agario hack to pass through a stage which could have been easily identified just by spending a few minutes on the beginner’s tutorial.

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Paying for a third party to secure the cheats for you without even trying it for yourself is a waste of money plus it inhibits your experience of enjoying the core of the game which is passing through the challenge. But sooner or later you will hit a stage of the game you cannot get past then Agario cheats can help you to survive the most challenging part of the game and is just lying somewhere for free in a forum or a blog.

Interact with Other Users

A game is fun when played alone but it becomes a lot more exciting when you discuss the experience with somebody who also enjoys the same app. Even if a game is not meant for multiple players, sharing your experience in success and facing challenges will allow you to share information and also receive information from other users. Interaction is what makes gaming a lot more exciting.

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New Destiny content hits the shelves

Posted by on Oct 26, 2016 in Video Games | Comments Off on New Destiny content hits the shelves

Every gamer knows what Destiny is. It is an MMO that has guns. This is the simplest explanation of this game, and it explains the basics on which the game is based.

The hype for this game was extraordinary, and people expected something new, and that is what they got. Well, to be more accurate, they got part of what they expected. When the game came out, people realized that they got only a small portion of the game. After a while, the additional game content came through free and paid expansions.

Now, this move, to separate the game into various expansions angered many people, but still a lot of gamers enjoyed what they got. And they got a game that has interesting boss battles and quite repetitive gameplay. Every new expansion brought a new raid (an instance where you clear enemies to reach a boss and defeat it to collect loot), and none of those extensions managed to solve the issue of repeatitiveness in the game.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is the latest expansion to this game, and if you want to know how it was received among the players and the critics, then you found a right article.


Rise of Iron – an expansion that continues Destiny trends

The new expansion brings a lot of things the Destiny already had. The formula of the game is still there, and it’s satisfying to shoot waves upon waves of enemies. Those “new” enemies are more of the same, with different skins. This leads us to the problem Destiny has from the day one, and that is repetitiveness. Quite often you will find the new content boring, as you will have to spend hours and hours on grinding. Some minibosses are also reskinned version of the previous bosses, which adds to the repetitiveness of the game.

What changes in the gameplay you should expect?

The expansion introduces a two to two and a half hours long campaign that is pretty straightforward. You will fight waves of enemies in several fights. All this culminates in the final raid against the big boss.

The difference in the difficulty levels of the expansion and the rest of the game is due to viral nanotechnology called SIVA. This tech enhances the Fallen, giving them more health and making them harder to kill. The campaign would be same as anything else if there weren’t this addition. In this aspect, you will find nothing new, except the need to pop up few additional shots per enemy.

Killing a wave of Fallen and then moving to another room to do the same wasn’t interesting before and it isn’t interesting now. You get to fight same enemies with more health and different skins in same environments as before. The only difference comes with SIVA tendrils being everywhere, changing the battlefield. This gives you several new locations to stand and fight the enemy. For a game that relies on the positioning of the player, that is great. The only problem is that the expansion has too little content to justify the 20 dollars price tag.

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All you need to Know about Bike Race Hacks

Posted by on Oct 3, 2016 in Video Games | Comments Off on All you need to Know about Bike Race Hacks

If you are a fan of mobile games and you spend a lot of time on Android market constantly searching for new games, then you probably already found out about bike race games. A bike race is one of the most popular games on the game market, and every player that is into racing is playing it.

If features single-player as well as multiplayer where you can compete with other players and beat them to unlock more of the game content. Now you won’t have to spend hours playing this game to unlock one or two bikes. You can get bike race hacks and get everything that the game has to offer.



How to get these hacks?
There is only one way to download hacks for bike race games. First of all, you need a computer to download the files and transfer them to your phone. Search for Bike Race hack apk online and you’ll find websites where you can download hacks. Once you download the game files connect your phone with USB and transfer the files. When transferring files, you need to make sure that they go in the right place.

Search for the game directory on your phone and place the files there. If you chose the wrong folder to paste the files, hacks wouldn’t work. Another important thing to remember is that the game must be closed on your phone. If you have bike race game running on your phone, you won’t be able to complete the transfer.

What will they do?
These game hacks will unlock the full game content including all bikes that are locked once you start the game and every level. Bonus levels are unlocked too, so now you can enjoy and play the game as it should be played. Now that you have every single bike at your disposal you can start exploring the levels. We recommend that you see how each bike behaves on various types of terrain. This will give you a full picture of what that bike is capable of and what is the full potential of that bike.

Can I play multiplayer too?
You can use these hacks in multiplayer as well. But you won’t somehow magically spawn at the finish line. These hacks only unlock the game content; they are not cheats that will make you do things that are otherwise impossible to do in this game. You will simply have equal chances to beat a top player that already have best bikes with best upgrades. Now you can test your skills and best their score in an online session, or you can just train by yourself on advanced levels.
When bragging to your friends about how good you are in bike race games, try to avoid any topic that is related to cheats. You wouldn’t want them to think that you are better just because you use cheats. They won’t understand that you only unlocked the game’s content so don’t even bother to mention cheat to them.

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Ridiculous game reviews and their ratings

Posted by on Sep 21, 2016 in Video Games | Comments Off on Ridiculous game reviews and their ratings

Rather than talking about game review sites, all of us should focus our attention on scores many of those sites publish. So, the main subject of this article will be going overboard with reviews as well as scores.

I won’t focus on one gaming site, but we do need an example and for this article, it will be IGN, a much-hated site that pumps out a ridiculous number of reviews every year. This wouldn’t be the issue if those reviews ranged from bad to excellent. The problem is that they give a score of 9 or higher to more than 70 games every year. This means that there are over 70 amazing games every year up until now, and that is simply not true. Out of those games, only 10 or so should have good scores.

IGN is not the one to blame, even though their reviews give the little insight into the game mechanics. The main problem lies in the scoring system all over the internet. When you have a scoring scale that ranges from 1 to 10, you have enough range to determine the overall quality of the game. On this scale, the score five should be given to a game that is average.

A game with this score is not good, but it is playable, and some people may like it. Any game with a score over five should be a good match. A Higher score means it has more interesting things for players. A game with a score of 9 or more should be a game that brings a lot of new things into the world of gaming. Out of 100 games only a few of those (when I say few, I mean two or three) should receive a score higher than nine).


When an average player sees a review that gives the game a score of 8 he automatically assumes that the game is bad and not worth the time or the money. Any score below 9 means that the game doesn’t have anything that would interest a player.

This scoring trend rules the internet. A game that receives a score under nine may suffer a lot due to low sales. This whole scoring system is wrong because it produces the unrealistic view of games. This trend turned the scoring system that had ten grades to a scoring system featuring four categories. According to this scoring, any game that has a score below eight is an awful game. A game whose score is between eight and nine is average. Any game that has scored above nine is a fantastic game, and everyone should play it.

The biggest problem for all the gamers is that they end up with bad games that got a score of nine or above. This happens on a regular basis. The game gets a good score before it is released for everyone and people rush to buy it and they end up with a broken game that is same as many other broken games.

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The gaming sites you should follow

Posted by on Sep 1, 2016 in Video Games | Comments Off on The gaming sites you should follow

I know that there are dozens of gaming sites that review games and share guides, but only a few of those sites are worth a look. As a lifelong gamer, I went through many of those sites.

Creating a list of the better sites that are still active has been a plan for a long time, and the time has come. This list will contain sites that create fun, but also honest game reviews. Sites that write those create extensive reviews with details on every aspect of the game, both good and bad are the sites you will find here.

Giant Bomb is an enormous and high-quality game review site that creates fun discussions with a good degree of professionalism. This kind of work doctrine started with the creation of the place itself. One of the original founders of the site was Jeff Gerstmann, who got fired by the GameSpot for giving a low score to a mediocre game (average at best).

large middle 1

After the incident, he and several other people created their site and focused their writing on games, rather than industry. This type of thinking got support from thousands of fans, and they continued writing entertaining content throughout the years.

A list of the best gaming sites would be incomplete without Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Even though this site covers PC releases only, they are beloved by thousands. Two main features of this site are witty coverage and brutal honesty. If you want a review of a game that covers everything, then you should read Rock, Paper, Shotgun review.

Reviews of this site have two major segments, game diaries and Wot I Think. The first section explores the game in a witty way, checking out everything it has to offer. The second part contains serious breakdown of the elements that make the game what it is.

In that part, the reviewer talks about everything the game brought. This review style is different from many others because they don’t skim over the issues many other similar sites do.

Gamasutra is a review site that takes a different approach to games. Instead of regular reports they specialize in game development. They look into the development of the game to find out the reasons for its success (or failure).

large middle image 2

Game producers are the primary audience for Gamasutra articles. But if you want to learn more about game development you will appreciate Gamasutra approach to reviews.

Edge started as a magazine back in 1993, and they printed high-end gaming content. They had good connections throughout the industry, but they created high-quality content due to the anonymous type of writing.

This same style of writing is found on their website as well. You don’t see a lot about them nowadays simply because they value quality over quantity, and they post very few articles on a monthly basis.

The most important thing about their articles is that they are honest. If you read their article which says a game is bad, then the game is atrocious. They don’t sugarcoat games like many other sites which is the main reason I placed them on this list.

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Completely new Batman game hits the market

Posted by on Aug 10, 2016 in Batman, DC Comics, Tell Tale, Video Games | Comments Off on Completely new Batman game hits the market

       The new Batman game is something entirely different from Rocksteady’s Batman series. This gave hope to many Batman fans as the games Rocksteady published didn’t fulfill all the expectations of the fans. The new game has a real potential to become the beginning of the successful Batman series that focus on the characters and the story.

    As any other TellTale game, the Batman Episode 1: Real of Shadows is a story driven game focused on choices and the conversation. This game also focuses on Bruce Wayne, his life as Batman and as a person in general. The first episode has its roots in the early history of the Batman, but it also incorporates some new things from later lore. In this game, the player will have to deal with Harvey Dent who runs for the position of the major. The race for the post is being complicated by Carmine Falcone whose aim is to gain control of the city administration through money and bribes. Al along that time a cat burglar is cleaning the safes throughout the Gotham.

   The gameplay in The Real of Shadows is a standard telltale combat system. It involves finishing move meter that fills through quick-time event fight system. When the meter fills you end the fight scene with a typical Batman type of the finishing move. Failure to full the meter won’t cause loss, except the loss of the visual joy you get from the finishing moves.

   The game has a pretty slow start packed with speeches and conversations. Some of them have interesting themes while others just bore the player. The first episode of the Batman is split into two types of gameplay, choice-riddled conversations, and combat, both physical and mental.

   The slow start fades away in the mid game where they gameplay becomes more interesting as the plot thickens. The tension rises and the game shines. The best situations involve Bruce and other characters battling on a mental level, through intrigue and wordplay.

    Contrary to a stone-like personality of the Batman in both movies and previous games, the Batman in the Telltale game has an east and wry sense of humor. This will take some time to get used to as we all know Batman as a character with no feelings. This sense of humor makes the scenes flow nicely, and every player will appreciate it.

    The beauty of this game is the choices the player has. The player can choose how his character will act towards everyone around, no matter whether they are cops, criminals or friends. Your Batman can be a cruel vigilante, or he can be someone who tries to work with cops to bring the criminals to the justice.

    As every previous Batman game, this game also has some compatibility issues with PC. It took over three months to developers to adapt the last Batman game to the PC, and it looks like it will be the same as this one. Steam and forums are packed with players who complain about this Batman game. They say it is impossible to play it on the PC, and they list frames per second and resolution.

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